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March 22, 2015 Molly O'Roark, Harpist
Ms O’Roark is the first harpist to be presented in our 68 year history.

Molly with APS president, Debra Larson

Molly with a young fan

Host Tom Sudholt and Molly

Molly and APS board member, Dennis Sparger

Molly and her duo partner, Ann McLaughlin - Ginger and Spice

April 16, 2014 St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra
Competition Concert

Eric Cho accompanied by Vera Parkin

President Debra Larson and APS winner Barbara Liberman

Julie Sun and Eric Cho perform

Eric and Julia with their accompanist and fellow former APS winner, Vera Parkin

On Stage at Powell



March 13, 2013 St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra
Competition Concert

APS Board Member
Robert Duffy and President Debra Larson present the scholarship checks to competition winners, Andrew Stock and Grant Riew.

Violist, Andrew Stock

Andrew performs with violinist, Ellen De Pasquale

Cellist Cathy Lehr performs with fellow cellist,
Grant Riew

The audience
"On Stage at Powell"

The Finale: a string quartet

April 22, 2012 Concert Victoria and Cristian Fatu

Victoria and Cristian Fatu with Board Member Emerita Mary Lieber.

Cristian and Victoria Fatu with Allen Larson and APS Board President,
Debra Larson

November 13, 2011 Concert Yu-Chi Tai, pianist

Yu Chi and Debra Larson

Yu Chi with the Larsons

The Mehtas and Debra Larson

Yu Chi and Tom Sudholt

Rick Walters speaking with Yu Chi

Dick Wobbe and host Tom Sudholt


YuChi Tai with the Spargers



APS pianist winner Parkin

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