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You’ve been selected to appear in recital on our next concert series. You will soon be contacted about setting up the date of your recital. We will need several things from you immediately in order to prepare printed materials for the season and update our website and they all should be sent to: auditions@apsmusic.org

       1. A hi-res professional color photo (if possible send 2 different poses)
       2. One or two selections that you might perform on your recital. We
           always put a disclaimer that programs are subject to change, but we
           need something to list in our PR.
       3. An updated bio sent electronically
       4. All your contact information - mailing address, phone numbers,
           email address.

You will be contacted by an APS Mentor who will assist you in program preparation and will answer any questions you may have. You will be presented with a contract from APS outlining your obligations. You may be asked to participate in publicity efforts including local radio interviews, etc.

Our main means of contact is email so please reply as soon as possible to us.


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